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News Tipper "leader concept"


Supply and installation of a painted steel body; False chassis fully hot-dip galvanized; Galvanized anti-recessed bars.

Wall base made of sheet steel 30 / 10th thick, made in one part. Folding side walls, height 350 mm, painted galvanized plate thickness 20/10. Front panel height 450 mm galvanized galvanized 20/10-gauge electro-galvanized sheet metal with door height cabin, galvanized wire mesh.

Rear tailgate in electro-galvanized painted steel height 450 mm with automatic opening.

Steel post, removable; Wings enveloping in polyethylene.

Toggle by triple extensions single acting, 12 V electric pump, remote control in cabin 2 buttons.

Safety stand, battery cut on the false chassis. Epoxy primer and dyed two-component polyurethane finish, white paint.

Bucket according to standard XP-R 17109.